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Vaccination Training & Technical Support


Hands-On, Customized Training to Support Vaccination Success

Effective vaccination requires skill and compliance to established protocols. Even the highest-quality poultry vaccine can only be as good as the quality of its administration. Don't let human error compromise the success of any vaccine used at your business. Merial's Vaccination Technologies and Services (VTS) group provides hands-on training to prepare hatchery and farm staff in such matters as:

  • Vaccine storage across all formats (frozen, freeze-dried, etc.)
  • Preservation of cold chain integrity for frozen vaccines, including liquid nitrogen dewar management
  • Vaccine handling, preparation, and mixing—including for new technologies such as our NeO effervescent tablet vaccines**
  • Operating and configuring vaccination equipment, and accurate dosing
  • Best practices across various vaccine types and modes of administration

Working hand-in-hand with each customer’s staff, we tailor our training programs to their needs, existing skill sets, and operational set-up. And VTS technicians return often to work sites to monitor proper equipment use and procedures.


See more about the support VTS offers our customers:


Educational Resources & Materials

From vaccination equipment and supporting supplies to the actual vaccines, our VTS technicians deliver what customers need directly to their site—and that includes resources for ongoing success even after we leave. To support hatchery and farm staff on vaccination processes, we provide:

  • How-to videos
  • Instructional mixing mats and posters
  • Other guides and informational materials

VTS also works closely with Merial’s Veterinary Services team on educational initiatives and field and classroom training covering such topics as quality control, diagnostics, monitoring, and more, to help keep our customers informed on the latest issues in avian health and advances in vaccination techniques and practices.


Technical Maintenance & Support Services

Don’t worry about spending time and effort servicing vaccination equipment—Merial VTS has that covered. After initial assembly and validation of machinery, we visit customer sites regularly for monitoring and maintenance. We can also help with inventory management, sourcing materials, and many other value-added services to help keep our customers’ operations running smoothly.

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**Many of Merial’s avian vaccines are only marketed and available in certain countries, sometimes under different trade names. Speak to your Merial representative or contact us to find out what’s available in your region.


To find out exactly which Merial avian products and vaccination equipment options are available in your region, talk to your Merial representative or contact us now.

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