Vaccination Equipment, Supplies, & Related Services

Innovative R&D to produce state-of-the-art equipment

Driven by innovation, Merial’s Vaccination Technologies and Services (VTS) group focuses on creating advanced equipment that meets the vaccination needs of poultry producers today and into the future. We currently have around 11,000 machines and devices installed around the world to administer VAXXITEK® HVT + IBD and Merial’s other avian vaccines.

Our R&D team is continually optimizing and improving upon our existing portfolio, adapting equipment for local needs, and exploring cutting-edge technologies for new products that keep up with the latest trends and advances in poultry vaccination.

Hatchery vaccination machinery

Hatchery vaccination is becoming more and more common in the poultry industry, as a way of establishing early protection in a well-controlled environment, reducing labor on the farm, and minimizing stress on growing chickens. Merial VTS has several equipment options to support VAXXITEK HVT + IBD's hatchery administration:

  • For in-ovo injection (at 18-19 days of incubation), our Ovo-Jector™ is a user-friendly, highly adjustable, automated vaccinator able to inject up to 35,000 eggs per hour. It was developed for the Brazilian poultry industry, then launched in China in 2014, and is currently being introduced into several other markets.



  • For subcutaneous injection of healthy day-old chicks, we offer several models of our AccuVac and Zootec machines, all designed to make vaccination safe, easy, and accurate.

Whatever option you choose, our VTS technicians will deliver, assemble, and configure machinery, train your staff, and provide ongoing parts-and-service maintenance—so you don’t need to worry about operational issues.

Talk to your Merial representative about exactly what equipment is available in your region, or contact us.

Other vaccination equipment, accessories, & supplies

Committed to the success of your entire vaccination program, our VTS team provides what you need to effectively administer VAXXITEK HVT + IBD, as well as other vaccines.

Beyond the hatchery, our portfolio also includes equipment for field vaccination and mass application such as spray and drinking water. Various options—from handheld and backpack to standalone and wheeled devices—deliver ease of use and accommodate a variety of operational set-ups.

In addition, we offer a range of accessories and supplies to support vaccination-related tasks, including: 

  • Manual syringe devices
  • Disposable syringes for automated machines and vaccine mixing
  • Needles in various gauges and lengths
  • Dyes for water, spray, and injection
  • Mixing and prep supplies such as thermal baths, ampule holders and breakers, and more
  • Sanitation products such as disinfectants and cleansers