Turkey herpesvirus-infectious bursal disease (HVT-IBD) vector vaccine-field experience in commercial broilers in Egypt

Herrmann Andreas, Negm Hazem & Sultan Hesham


The objectives of the presented study in commercial broilers was to evaluate in field conditions in Egypt the benefits of the newly introduced HVT -IBD vector vaccine expressing the VP2 of the Faragher 52/70 virus strain [2], VAXXITEK™ HVT +IBD (VAXXITEK is a registered trademark of Merial in the United States of America and elsewhere) injected at day-old in the hatcheries, as compared to a traditional IBD vaccination program using a live IBD vaccine administered by drinking water in the poultry houses. Evaluation of efficacy in context of field wiBD virus challenge was performed. The impact of the day-old vaccination using the HVT -IBD vector vaccine on the zootechnical parameters of broiler flock performance monitoring was then recorded. The economical benefit of day-old HVT-IBD vector vaccine application on chicken meat production was then assessed.