Turkey Herpesvirus-Infectious Bursal Disease (HVT-IBD) Vector Vaccine - Field Experience In Commercial Broilers In Egypt

Hermann Andreas, Negm Hazem & Sultan Hesham | XVII WVPA Congress Cancun | 2011 


A live HVT-IBD vector vaccine was applied under field conditions in day old broiler chickens in Egypt and compared against classical live IBD vaccination programs. Results from serological monitoring, bursa and body weights, as well as zootechnical parameters of flock performance were evaluated, and the economical effects were calculated. Field infection of the flocks by very virulent (vv) IBDV and other respiratory virus was confirmed by serological and RT-PCR examination of samples. The results obtained under the Egyptian field conditions confirm recent experience from other countries around the world that vaccinated chickens with the HVT-IBD vector vaccine can be protected against the detrimental effects of the vvIBD virus infection, and that flock performances and economical results can be increased, as compared to current live IBD vaccine application method by drinking water in the poultry houses.