Through active research and education programs, Merial Veterinary Services compiles and shares scientific evidence to support more informed vaccination decisions...

Research & Educational Initiatives


Driven by Science & Industry Priorities

Science first: that’s the guiding principle of Merial’s Veterinary Services group. One of our top priorities is compiling and sharing strong scientific evidence to support our avian products and vaccination program recommendations. We believe that every poultry health decision our customers make should be grounded in reliable data and a full understanding of its real-world implications, including such issues as:

  • Vaccine efficacy and clinical protection against diverse and evolving disease strains
  • Safety and productivity
  • Strategies for designing vaccination programs, including vaccine compatibilities
  • Positive effects of pathogen control on performance and economic metrics Issues related to specific businesses: broiler, layer, breeder
  • Diagnostic tools and techniques


A Wide-Ranging Approach to Research

To compile this important data, our team of experienced veterinarians works independently and with outside collaborators, both in the laboratory and out in the field, to design and conduct various types of research:

  • Clinical studies with well-defined protocols
  • Virus challenge studies using specific local strains
  • Comparative field trials of different sizes and business types, especially on performance metrics
  • Systematic reviews, follow-ups of monitoring data, and other retrospective analyses

Collectively, we aim for diverse representation across regions and business types, in order to produce useful, relevant data for our diverse customer base and keep our databases current with the global and ever-changing epidemiologic landscape.


Active in Scientific & Industry Communities

The Veterinary Services group is also deeply involved in the wider scientific community, with close ties to universities around the world. We regularly publish our own research and review the work of peers in important journals such as Avian Disease, Avian Pathology, and more.

Browse our published scientific literature in the Knowledge Center

Our experts travel the globe to connect with colleagues at industry events such as the World Veterinary Poultry Congress, regional gatherings, and Merial’s own Global Avian Forum. We see our team members as ambassadors of science, bringing the knowledge and evidence from these communities to our customer sites all over the world—and driving Merial’s development of new generations of avian health solutions.


Committed to Empowering Our Customers

Our commitment to knowledge-sharing isn’t limited to our scientific colleagues. We also want to empower our customers to make the best possible choices for the health of their flocks and their business.Through lectures, technical newsletters, online resources, and smaller classroom sessions tailored to individual businesses—and guided by the interests and priorities of our customers—the Veterinary Services team offers educational initiatives covering such topics as:

  • Emerging diseases, and new strains of known diseases
  • Epidemiology and disease spread
  • Poultry immune health and immunology advances
  • Vaccination trends and new biologic and equipment technologies
  • Results and implications of scientific studies

We’re always eager to talk to our customers! Interested in a possible field trial or clinical study at your site? Curious about the science behind a product? Want to discuss the latest research? Reach out to your current Merial representative, or contact us.


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