Rational Reduction In Antibiotic Dependence By Total Mycoplasma Control

C.J. Morrow


Broilers without vertical contamination with MG and MS can be produced without the need for routine antibiotic regimes, especially medication in the 18 to 22 d period. This also allows stronger respiratory vaccines (La Sota for example) to be used. Horizontal transmission to broilers does not seem to be potent enough to require routine antibiotics. Layers, especially cage layers can also have massive reductions in antibiotic dependence by control of MG and MS. This will help maximize biological performance and meet emerging customer demands. Other benefits include less complicated expressions of various viral (AIV, NDV, APMV and IBV) and bacterial co-infections (coryza and fowl cholera) but without antibiotics there maybe the emergence of clinical Brachspira disease. Where freedom by exclusion only is not practical mycoplasma vaccination of breeders and layers with ts-11 and MSH vaccines can be used.