Novel IBD+ ELISA For The Detection Of Protective Antibody To IBD (VP2) Vector Vaccine

Chinta M. Lamichhane, Jack Rosenberger, Haichen Song, and Chip Garity


The novel ELISA kit (ProFLOK® mD PLUS) was developed to detect protective antibody (VP2) to infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). IBDV vector vaccines (HVT+IBD) vaccinated broiler flocks were challenged with the E/Del US variant strain at various ages. The novel IBD PLUS ELISA result was compared with commercial classic ELISA (ProFLOK IBD). IBD PLUS ELISA detected high level of VP2 antibody and provided good protection correlation against the challenged, whereas the classic IBD ELISA failed to detect the antibody response to VP2 protein and had a poor protection correlation.