At Merial, we have one mission: Helping poultry producers feed the world with safe, affordable, sustainable, and high-quality meat and eggs...

A Message from Our Leader


The Poultry Industry Today: Opportunities & Challenges

At Merial, we have one mission: Helping poultry producers feed the world with safe, affordable, sustainable, and high-quality meat and eggs. And that’s an increasingly challenging goal in the complex, globalized environment in which today’s poultry industries operate.

As the middle class grows around the world, especially in developing countries, those improved economic conditions mean greater demand for protein in people’s everyday eating habits. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2030 our global population will require more than 30% more animal protein than is being consumed today. And as an affordable and widely accessible option with almost no cultural or religious barriers, chicken and eggs will emerge in the coming years as the global “protein of choice.”


But to capitalize on that increased demand, our customers need to do more with less. Natural resources are becoming scarcer, while energy, feed, and labor costs continue to rise. The effects of globalization, urbanization, climate change, and other factors mean that new animal diseases are emerging and spreading more rapidly than ever, threatening the avian industry’s performance and profits.

Moreover, consumer demands are growing not just in quantity, but quality too, with increasing concerns about food safety, animal welfare, and other issues that directly affect our customers’ business practices.

And as poultry operations integrate and flock sizes grow, economies of scale become even more important—requiring a strategic avian health program that optimizes not just flock health, but also productivity and business efficiencies.


Merial Avian: Excellence in People, Products, & Services

So how do today’s poultry producers succeed in the face of these challenges? The answer isn’t any one vaccine, or even a set of products. It’s a solutions-driven approach to help effectively prevent and control avian diseases, streamline vaccination processes, and leverage the industry’s latest technologies. Merial is your ideal partner in this journey, made possible by 30+ years of excellence in people, products, and services.

“Let’s Speak Avian” is our promise of strong connections to help you feed the world. A focus on your business’s needs. Meaningful relationships that improve performance along every aspect of your operations. A vaccine portfolio of renowned quality, backed by innovative R&D, science-driven veterinary expertise, and industry-leading vaccination services.

So to the poultry producers of the world, we say: let’s initiate a new dialogue—or strengthen the one we’ve already begun—to find the best way forward for your business. Let’s speak avian together!

- Jerome Baudon, Merial’s Global Head of Avian Business



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