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Live & Inactivated Vaccines


Classical Vaccines of Exceptional Quality

Even in this era of advanced biotechnologies, live and inactivated vaccines continue to play a vitally important role in almost all avian vaccination programs. Merial’s long legacy in immunology, tracing back to the earliest days of vaccine development, has enabled us to create a portfolio of classical vaccines whose highly regarded quality customers have come to rely on. And our state-of-the-art biological production network ensures that we maintain this legacy going forward.

For both our live, attenuated vaccines and inactivated (killed) vaccines, we carefully select disease strains and develop them to optimize both efficacy and safety across a broad range of health concerns in chickens and other avian species. We offer classical vaccines for all poultry segments—broiler, layer, and breeder—and for both hatchery and field applications, in every region of the world. Our offerings are always evolving, as we continue to focus R&D efforts on innovative health solutions for the poultry industry's ongoing needs and challenges.


Highlights from Our Portfolio

Merial’s complete portfolio of live and inactivated vaccines includes options for any business's vaccination program. The products highlighted below include some of our top brands that are available across multiple regions.**
Remember, if you have any questions about product availability in your region, specific product indications, or modes of administration, be sure to talk to your Merial representative contact us.


Live Vaccines**

Live vaccines provide a strong immune response and are valuable for stimulating mucosal immunity, which is especially important with respiratory diseases.

Several of our biggest avian product brands are live vaccines in a freeze-dried format for mass application in the hatchery or field; in some markets these are also available** in our convenient NeO effervescent tablet format:

  • AVINEW®, a live attenuated virus of Newcastle disease
  • BIORAL H120, a live attenuated virus of infectious bronchitis, H120 strain
  • GALLIVAC IB88, a live attenuated virus of infectious bronchitis, CR88121 strain

Merial offers numerous other live vaccine products to meet the varying needs of poultry producers, depending on their region,** business type, and top health concerns, including:

  • Freeze-dried live vaccines not currently available in NeO format include additional GALLIVAC brand vaccines (e.g., infectious bursal disease, salmonella, and many others); AVINEW +H120, a combination vaccine against Newcastle disease plus infectious bronchitis; and NEMOVAC against avian metapneumovirus (swollen head syndrome)
  • Our Hatchpak range, available in certain markets,** covers several products packaged in large quantities especially convenient for hatchery use, including the frozen vaccines HATCHPAK AVINEW against Newcastle disease; HATCHPAK IB H120 against infectious bronchitis; and HATCHPAK COCCI II in the U.S. for coccidiosis​
  • Merial’s longstanding expertise in Marek’s disease has resulted in an extensive portfolio of hatchery vaccines for all serotypes, including our CRYOMAREX RISPENS or RISPENS product range (brand name varies by market**) of live, attenuated Rispens (serotype 1) strains, some in combination with other serotypes
  • We have many options against infectious bursal disease (IBD), including the three generations of IBD live vaccines; BDA BLEN (also called GALLIVAC BDA), a freeze-dried live, intermediate plus virus of IBD mixed with IBD antiserum; and the live freeze-dried GALLIVAC IBD


Inactivated Vaccines**

Inactivated, or killed, vaccines are a useful component of many vaccination programs, often used as boosters following live vaccines. They offer high levels of safety, as well as stability during storage and transport.
Merial’s GALLIMUNE product range encompasses most of our extensive portfolio of inactivated vaccines. Varying by region,** the product line includes vaccines for a single disease (such as Newcastle, IBD, salmonella, etc.), as well as a large selection of multivalent (combination) vaccines against multiple diseases—just a few examples include:

  • Infectious bursal disease + reovirus (avian arthritis)
  • Newcastle disease + infectious bronchitis
  • Newcastle disease + infectious bronchitis + egg drop syndrome
  • Newcastle disease + infectious bronchitis + infectious bursal disease
  • Newcastle disease + infectious bronchitis + egg drop syndrome + avian rhinotracheitis

In the U.S. we also develop autogenous vaccines for individual poultry producers upon request. These customized, primarily inactivated vaccines are based on pathogens isolated from a specific site and developed into vaccines targeted to the business's unique needs.


Your Partner in Vaccination Planning & Administration

Choosing the best combination of vaccines—both classical as well as other formats—for a particular poultry business is a little bit art and a lot of science. Our Veterinary Services team brings years of expertise in making vaccine decisions that optimize both health and performance. Let us help you develop a customized vaccination program that allows your flock and your business to reach their full potential.​

And when it comes to executing that program, Merial Vaccination Technologies & Services (VTS) is there for you at every step to help ensure successful vaccine transport, storage, handling, and administration.

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**  Many of Merial’s avian vaccines are only marketed and available in certain countries, sometimes under different trade names. Speak to your Merial representative or contact us to find out what’s available in your region.


To find out exactly which Merial avian products and vaccination equipment options are available in your region, talk to your Merial representative or contact us now.

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