How To Build A Hatchery Vaccination Program Based On Immune Foundation?

Lemiere S.

The immunosuppression that is commonly observed in poultry production is due to many factors, including, but not only, viral diseases. Significant economic losses are attributed to immunosuppression in the poultry industry worldwide. Establishing a solid immune foundation not only enhances the immune system, but it also establishes barriers along the most common routes of infection by avian pathogens. In building a day-old vaccination program, the compatibilities between the vaccines must be studied in order to make educated decisions on vaccine associations. Using VAXXITEK® HVT+IBD as the center of a hatchery vaccination program prepares the immune system to be stimulated by concomitant and additional vaccinations. The art of combining vaccines to build a hatchery vaccination program must be according to the history of the disease challenge in the given area and the estimation of the current epidemiological risks.