Field Evaluation Of Reproduction Functions Of Broiler Breeders Following Vaccination With The HVT-IBD Vector Vaccine VAXXITEK® HVT+IBD

Curet M., Goutebroze S., Le-Gros F.X. & Lemiere S.


Recombinant vaccines must undergo strenuous approval processes for licensure and registrations. Since these vaccines are still considered novel in poultry medicine, long term studies for any adverse effects on breeding poultry must be considered. Breeding hens and males receive multiple vaccinations prior to the onset of production to afford protection to the parents and their offspring. By utilizing recombinant products in ovo or at hatch, potential savings could occur by lessening the vaccinations needed during the rearing phase. In this study, the HVT-IBD vector vaccine was injected at day-old by sub-cutaneous route into a breeding flock of hens and males. Over fifteen criteria of reproductive performance in both sexes were analyzed, with no significant differences seen between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Therefore, the HVT-IBD vector vaccine was proven a safe product for use in breeding chickens.