Evaluation Of The Protection Against A Very Virulent (Vv) Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) Challenge In Progeny Born To Parents Having Received A Vaccination Program Using A Herpesvirus Turkey - Infectious Bursal Disease (HVT-IBD) Vector Vaccine

Lemiere Stephane, Kodjo Angeli, Vinit Laure, Delvecchio Andrea & Prandini Francesco | XVII WVPA Congress Cancun | 2011

Broiler breeder vaccination against IBD is usually based on the injection of at least one inactivated vaccine in oil adjuvant, typically included in a combined vaccine. Priming using one or several IBD vaccine(s) has been the most common way to immunize the breeders so far. in summary, protection against vvIBD challenge in chicks of two different genetic lines vaccinated in ovo with the HTV-IBD vector vaccine was demonstrated. The parents´IBD vaccination program, using the HVT-IBD vector vaccine alone, the HVT-IBD vector vaccine plus IBD inactivated vaccine, and inactivated IBD vaccine alone, did not impair their in ovo HVT-IBD vector vaccine intake and subsequent protection against vvIBD virus challenge. An advantage in terms of immunization of the progeny against vvIBD was shown in the chicks born to breeders vaccinated with the HTV-IBD vaccine as a primer, as compared to breeders vaccinated with the inactivated vaccine alone. Current recommendation for broiler breeder vaccination to prevent early infections of the progeny with vvIBD is to use the HVT-IBD vector vaccine as a primer and to revaccinate with an inactivated IBD vaccine alone or in combination with other antigens.