Evaluation of an effervescent tablet presentation of a live attenuated Newcastle Disease vaccine in laboratory and field conditions

Andrea Delvecchio, Thomas Delquigny, Jean-Bernard Herin, Jean-Claude Gauthier, Marie-Laure Jay, Nathalie Moulian, Andreas Herrmann, Stephane Lemiere & François-Xavier Le Gros


Live freeze dried or frozen Newcastle Disease (ND) vaccine preparations are widely used in poultry from day old on for control of ND. Avinew® Neo is a live freeze-dried vaccine against ND containing the VG/GA Avinew strain. The vaccine is presented in a form of effervescent tablets. It is manufactured by Merial France (Merial S.A.S., Lyon, France), and was registered in the European Union and elsewhere. Laboratory safety as well as efficacy clinical study results conditions are presented. They aimed at demonstrating the bioequivalence between the different galenic forms of the vaccine, the frozen form, the most recently registered in the European Union and elsewhere. Preliminary observations of the use of the effervescent tablet form in the field are reported.