Efficacy tested in laboratory conditions of a Herpesvirus Turkey - Infectious Bursal Disease (HVT-IBD) vector vaccine and a commercially available oil-emulsion Newcastle Disease (ND) vaccine administered simultaneously

Fernandez Rafael, Cruz Julio, Rojo Francisco, Garcia Hector, Baudon Jerome & Pritchard Nikki | XVII WVPA Congress Cancun | 2011


Two hundred seventy one-day-old commercial broilers were divided in two different vaccination treatment groups using a HVT-IBD vector vaccine and a ND oil-emulsion vaccination with either simultaneous injections or sequential injections by a hatchery automatic injector; non-vaccinated, challenged and non-challenged groups served as controls. The birds were vaccinated subcutaneously with 0.2 mL of the HVT-IBD vector vaccine and with 0.1 mL La Sota vaccine at day-old. Marek's disease (MD) RB1B, ND GB Texas and IBD STC challenges were performed in order to evaluate protection induced by the different vaccination procedures. Protection against the three challenges, MD, ND and IBD was demonstrated.