Effect of vaccination with the homologous SG33 strain of myxomatosis virus, associated with sanitary measures, under conditions of contaminated breeding.

S. Lemiere, B. Le Normand.


A study concerning historical data in a rabbit farm was performed between May 1998 and September 1999 in order to determine the consequences of the implementation of a vaccination schedule agianst myxomatosis in a contaminated environment. Firts vaccinations (September 1998) were done using a heterologous Shope fibroma vaccine. The use of of a homologous vaccine given later (March 1999) in future breeders in a contaminated building, and the technical and economical parameters was done in young rabbits, in fattening rabbits and in female breeders. Our study confirms the benefit of the implementation of the vaccination using the SG33 homologous strain and the benefit of the sanitary measures.