Our customers rely on Merial Veterinary Services for tools, techniques, and on-site consulting to help monitor flock health, field virus status, and other critical issues...

Diagnostics & Monitoring


Regional Knowledge + Local Presence = Comprehensive Solutions

The diversity of avian health threats and complexities of vaccine decision-making require astute use of diagnostics and monitoring. Many poultry diseases present similarly, so clinical signs alone don’t provide a reliable diagnosis. Even within a single disease, pinpointing the particular viral strain is crucial for appropriate vaccine selection. And sub-clinical disease can cause “silent” damage—especially to immune health and bird productivity—that makes monitoring flock status critical even in an absence of obvious disease challenge.

For these issues and more, Merial Veterinary Services is your dedicated partner. Our global network of veterinary experts is closely attuned to each region’s ongoing epidemiologic context and armed with the tools and techniques for accurate assessment of any poultry producer’s situation. We often visit our customers on-site to monitor their status and respond to new challenges with the right products, targeted services, and effective, localized action plans.


Leveraging the Latest Diagnostic Technologies

Experts in the metrics and parameters by which to measure disease impact and assess field virus status, our teams provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services and tools, including:

  • Autopsy, necropsy, and histopathology
  • Serology testing ELISA and other routine techniques
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing

We work on the cutting edge of diagnostic science to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their needs—from novel uses of more traditional serology tests to advances in DNA and RNA sequencing with various PCR approaches.  Always committed to having data that substantiates our work, the Veterinary Services team continues to research and publish on innovative diagnostic techniques and applications.


Monitoring Vaccine Uptake & Ongoing Program Success

Poultry vaccination is seldom a “once and done” affair. The challenges of uniformly vaccinating huge flocks of birds necessitate periodic assessment of vaccine uptake and immunogenic response. Depending on the vaccine and pathogen, several serologic techniques are available to monitor a vaccination program’s results and adapt it as needed.

Most importantly, the success of any program lies in its ability to evolve and respond to changing conditions—whether those are disease challenges, regulatory requirements, or business needs. A sudden outbreak in a nearby region or changes in production parameters can prompt the need to reassess flock health status. Public health concerns require special considerations: for example, monitoring food-borne pathogens is important through the entire production cycle, from hatchery to processing.

Whatever the context, we work closely with each customer to develop a customized monitoring plan and quality control initiatives. Want to learn more? Talk to your Merial representative about our Veterinary Services, or contact us.


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