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Customized Vaccination Programs

Tailoring a plan to each business’s context & needs

Designing a suitable vaccination program is a complicated undertaking, requiring both avian veterinary expertise and a deep understanding of poultry business goals. For example, for optimal health and performance a production broiler chicken may require10 or more vaccines in just 40 or so days of life under extreme conditions.

That’s where Merial’s Veterinary Services group steps in. Working closely with customers’ own veterinary staff, these specialized avian veterinarians develop complex vaccination plans tailored to each business’s unique needs. Our process includes:

  1. Investigating local epidemiological conditions and upcoming risks
  2. Reviewing the business’s current and past disease challenges
  3. Understanding specific goals for health, performance, and operational efficiency

Establishing an immune foundation at the hatchery

We believe a successful poultry vaccination program starts with establishing a strong immune foundation. When the immune system is compromised, chickens can’t protect themselves against many diseases; have poor immune response to administered vaccines; and subsequently experience poor growth and performance.

So our Veterinary Services team designs vaccination plans using VAXXITEK® HVT + IBD as the starting point, because it aids in the prevention of two of the biggest immune threats in chickens: infectious bursal disease (IBD) and Marek’s disease, and their consequences on the immune system.

Through hatchery administration of VAXXITEK HVT + IBD, this important protection is established early* in the birds’ lives, laying a strong foundation for flock health.5-8, 13-15, 31

Developing strategic vaccination solutions

Hatchery vaccination is becoming an industry standard, as a way of establishing early protection in a well-controlled environment, reducing labor on the farm, and minimizing stress on growing chickens.

Yet determining the right combination of hatchery vaccines (and which should be saved for field administration) can be a challenge. For instance, concurrent use of some vaccines could result in adverse interactions, which can reduce vaccine efficacy.

So talk to our Veterinary Services team about a strategic approach for your operation. Leveraging our deep expertise in avian science, we’ll create a solution that accounts for your most urgent disease priorities, an appropriate portfolio of vaccines, and the most suitable modes of administration.

Interesting in discussing a customized program for your business? Talk to your Merial representative or contact us.