Compatibility of fowlpox-avian influenza and herpesvirus of turkey-infectious bursal disease vector vaccines injected in ovo to embryonated chicken eggs

Richard-Mazet Alexandra, Goutebroze Sylvain, Duboeuf Michelle,  Le-Gros François-Xavier, Lemiere Stéphane & Bublot Michel


Compatibility between herpesvirus of turkey (HVT) and fowlpox (FP) live vaccines administered at day-old to chickens was previously demonstrated by protection against Marek's disease (MD) and FP virus challenges [1]. It was also demonstrated in he context of the use of a mixed vaccine preparation including a HVT vaccine, a recombinant FP vaccine containing the HN and F genes of Newcastle disease virus, and a FP vaccine, in SPF and conventional chickens [2] & [3]. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the compatibility between a FP-avian influenza (AI) and a HVT-infectious bursal disease (IBD) vector vaccines administered by the in ovo route.