A Comparison Of The Effects Of The Humoral And Cell-Mediated Immunity Between An HVT-IBD Vector Vaccine And An IBDV-Immune Complex Vaccine After In Ovo Vaccination Of Commercial Broilers

Rautenschlein Silke, Lemiere Stephane, Simon Birgid & Prandini Francesco | XVII WVPA Congress Cancun | 2011


Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV)-vector vaccines based on recombinant herpes virus of turkeys (HVT-IBD) and IBDV immune complex vaccines (Icx-IBD) have been licensed for use in the face of mAb. We compared the effects of a recombinant HVT-IBD and an Ixc-IBD vaccine on humoral and cell mediated immunity in commercial broilers. after in ovo vaccination broilers were inoculated with an inactivated Newcastle disease virus (NDV) vaccine at 12 days post hatch (dph), when the breakthrough titer of the IBDV mAb levels was reached, or at 15 days ph. The different effects of the two vaccines on IBDV and NDV-antibody levels, on the numbers of intrabursal and circulating B and T cells and on the mitogenic response of peripheral T cell compartment. Icx-IBD reduced the number of circulating B cells in comparison to the HVT-IBD-vaccinated and the non-inoculated control group.