Cellular immune mechanisms after in ovo vaccination with a HVT-IBD vector vaccine

Hanane EL Garch, Nathalie Moulian, Floriane Frecon, Elodie Hanotel, Andrea Delvecchio & Stephane Lemiere



We demonstrated that a HVT-IBD vector vaccine, when applied in a vaccination program containing Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), Infectious Bronchitis (IB) and Egg-Drop Syndrome (EDS) live or inactivated vaccines, not only induced high anti-IBDV titers but also had a positive effect on the antibody titers specific to the other vaccines (WVPA congress 2013, Nantes, France).



This HVT-IBD vector vaccine might somehow have an effect on neonatal cells and even on embryonic cells, as it can be injected in ovo, thus enabling active immune cells to better respond to other administered vaccines.


Objective of the study

To describe cellular parameters that could be modulated by a HVT-IBD vector vaccine in the two weeks following in ovo vaccination.