With a global footprint and network of technicians, Merial VTS provides site visits and individualized service to customers around the world...

Audits, Quality Control, & On-Site Consulting


A Focus on Maintaining Quality

Whether in the hatchery or on the farm, preserving ongoing vaccination quality is a top priority for every poultry business. Regular site visits focused on quality control are an integral part of Merial’s Vaccination Technologies and Services (VTS) offering. Our teams help customers maintain the integrity of their vaccination processes, identify potential points of vulnerability, and preempt issues. And because vaccination alone can’t provide comprehensive disease control, we help customers optimize their site biosecurity with training on hygiene and sanitation practices along the entire poultry value chain, to complement any vaccination program.

VTS also works closely with our Veterinary Services group to provide scientific diagnostic and monitoring tools, and we develop supporting products such as dyes that help monitor injection quality and other types of useful materials and programs. 


Hatchery Audits & Preparedness Plans

With more and more vaccines available for hatchery administration, poultry producers are recognizing the health and operational advantages of implementing hatchery programs. Yet the success of these vaccines depends on a suitable environment for their use—and not all businesses are optimally configured. VTS teams work closely with customers to bring them up to the necessary standards. Whether the customer is already vaccinating at the hatchery and just needs fine-tuning, or wants assistance making the transition entirely, our skilled technicians will visit the site to:

  • Audit the current physical environment and procedures already in place
  • Assess suitability for using Merial’s hatchery-administered vaccines
  • Recommend the most appropriate hatchery vaccination modes (in ovo, injection, spray, etc.) and specific equipment solutions
  • Develop technology integration and change management plans
  • Provide comprehensive audit reports to clearly communicate findings and guide staff through next steps


Customized On-Site Consulting, Anywhere in the World

Invest in Merial’s high-quality avian vaccines, and you won’t be alone. Our VTS teams, along with our Veterinary Services group, work side-by-side with customers to tailor solutions to their specific health, productivity, and business concerns. We feel confident saying Merial has set the standard for service across the entire poultry industry.

We can quickly dispatch our dedicated technicians directly to customer sites to support vaccination-related needs almost anywhere in the world, thanks to our global network of six VTS Competence Centers:

  • North America – Gainesville, Georgia, U.S.
  • Latin America – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Europe & Middle East – Nantes, France
  • Europe & Middle East – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • In-ovo focus – Campinas, Brazil

Wherever you are, Merial VTS is a trusted partner for moving your business into the future. Talk to your Merial representative about your vaccination needs, or contact us.


To find out exactly which Merial avian products and vaccination equipment options are available in your region, talk to your Merial representative or contact us now.

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