Anatomopathological Analysis Of Lymphoid Organs And Serological Analysis Of Chickens Vaccinated With A Turkey Herpesvirus Vectored Vaccine Containing The VP2 Gene Of The IBD Virus (VAXXITEK® HVT+IBD)

Victor Perez P., Alejandro Rojas O., Usiles Revelo S., Jorge Medina P., Ramon Ochoa M., Victor Petrone G. 

The purpose of this trial was to evaluate macroscopically and microscopically the bursa, and antibodies against IBD in commercial broilers, when vaccinated at 18 days of embryonation or hatched, with vectored commercial vaccine. All groups at 18 days were challenged with IBD intermediate strain. Mortality, gross and microscopic lesion, bursal index, clinical signs and immune response (ELISA) were evaluated. Some morphological characteristics and benefits were founded inherent to vaccination.